Be prepared

and Train

Triathletes aren’t born, they’re made

We have a few resources dedicated to helping you meet all of your triathlon goals — whether it be finishing your first race or setting your personal best. We also have a Gear Checklist and Tips & Tricks information if you really want to be ready!

WEEK 1 – Download Full PDF Here

Welcome to week 1 of your training plan. Over the next 3 weeks, we will be laying the foundation for the race-specific training that is to come. You will see many low-intensity (Conversation pace) work, commonly labeled as Zone 2 or Aerobic. These are the cornerstone of a solid training foundation, so don’t overlook them. Keep the efforts low, 3/10 effort, and enjoy being active. Workout time is noted with a ‘ for minutes and ” for seconds. For example, 25’ is 25 minutes and 25″ is 25 seconds

Monday Swim: 1hr 2400 yards
Tuesday Bike: 40′ / Run OTB 15′
Wednesday Swim: 1 hr 2400 yards
Thursday Bike: 40′ / Run OTB 30′
Saturday Bike: 1hr 30′ / Run OTB 15′
Sunday Run: 45′
Training Week 1