Be prepared with our

Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran triathlete you should be prepared

We have put together some tips and tricks you might find helpful as you prepare for race day. We also have a Gear Checklist and Training information if you really want to be ready!

We will provide a training schedule in 2022.

Be Prepared!

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation has provided us with a convenient checklist to help get your gear in order before race day. Click Here for a downloadable PDF of this graphic.


  • Get to the transition area early. Transition area opens at 5:30am, NO EARLIER!
  • Please remove your gear from transition as soon as transition reopens! We need to start dismantling the transition area ASAP after the completion of the race so that the park can resume normal business.
  • Get your body marked with your race number as you enter transition.
  • Check the pressure of your bike tires before going into the transition area.
  • Place your bike in a rack and remember the rack position.
  • Maximum 8 number of bikes per rack.
  • Bike racks will be assigned by your race number.
  • Only one bike per athlete is allowed in the transition area.
  • Put on sunscreen early.
  • Have your race numbers attached to your bike.
  • Have your Velcro band with chip attached to your ankle.


  • Make sure your chip is attached to your strap and around your ANKLE.
  • You will enter the swim coral when your heat is called, with approximately 100-150 people in each heat.
  • Fast swimmers should line up to the front of the group and slow swimmers to the rear and or outside.
  • Please do not swim over other swimmers!
  • If you want less crowded areas, stay to the far right of the course. This will give you more room, as most swimmers want to stay close to the buoys.


  • When you come out of the water, unzip your wetsuit and pull it down to your waist, this prevents overheating.
  • Take off your swim goggles and swim cap immediately on exit.
  • Pull your wetsuit off inside out. Put it down on your towel out of the way.
  • Put on bike shoes, sunglasses and helmet. Make sure your chin strap is fastened.
  • Grab your bike off the rack and head toward the exit, staying to the right hand side of the road.
  • Do not mount your bike until you exit the transition area.


  • When you are coming towards the end of the bike course, shift to a lower gear and pedal faster. This helps prepare your legs for the run.
  • You must dismount your bike before entering the transition area. Slow down before the dismount sign.
  • You may not ride your bike in or out of the transition area.
  • Jog easily with your bike to your rack. (your bike must go on the same rack, in the same position where it was staged at the beginning of the event) Your legs will probably feel like they’re made of stone. It will get better when you get out onto the run.
  • Put your running shoes on first. This way you can grab the other stuff (hat, gels, etc.) and put them on as you head toward the exit.


  • Have fun!
  • Enjoy the beautiful park you are moving through!