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Getting Started

We are glad you’ve decided to join and support your family and friends as they embark on this adventure.  Millennium Park is a fantastic venue for your family to play in while your family and friend suffer through their race! Below are a couple of items that may be helpful for you as you plan your day.

“If you continuously compete with yourself you become better.”

Support your friends

We appreciate your support, and so does your athlete. Here are a few things to know about spectating at the Millennium Triathlon:

  • Expect to get up early as the race starts at 7:30am.
  • Be sure to get directions and pack snacks the night before. Check your vehicle for gas
  • Wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes, a light jacket, hat or sun glasses.
  • Bring cash in case you need to buy food or water

Every event has their own rules for spectators, but here are the common ones:

  • Parts of the course will be public roads that are not closed off to vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Pay extra attention not to inadvertently interfere with the race.
  • Always obey and listen to race officials, volunteers and emergency staff
  • Stay off the course and behind all fencing and cones
  • Only cross the race course at designated areas and wait for race staff’s ok
  • Always yield to athletes, especially cyclist as they can be moving very fast and will not stop
  • Fans are not allowed in the Transition Areas. No exceptions.
  • Do not litter
  • Be courteous to other spectators and course neighbors
  • Pets are not allowed

To make your spectator experience the best here are some tips.

  • Get a course map and talk to the athlete about good vantage points. Check the course maps here
  • Find out the athlete’s estimated times for each leg of the race so you know when to expect her/him
  • Blow a funny whistle or ring a bell so that the person you’re cheering for can pick you out of the crowd
  • Bring a camera
  • Take note of your athlete’s clothes, bike and number. All those athletes look the same swimming, biking and running
  • Be prepared to drive home, as your athlete may be very tired after the race
  • ENJOY the DAY

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