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Gear Checklist

Race Day Checklist

Be sure to be prepared and have everything you need to successfully complete the race! We recommend you lay out all your gear the night before. Double check everything against your list.  Pack everything needed for the transition into your gear bag. Leave what you need for the morning out and ready to put on. Check your tires Friday night to make sure they are inflated with no nicks or cuts.  Pump the tires to the recommended pressure. Take a floor pump & pressure gage with you in the car, so you can reinflate them if necessary before going into the transition. Check to make sure your brakes and brake pads are working properly.


  • Race #
  • Bike #
  • Swim Cap
  • Safety Pins
  • Timing Chip


  • Gear bag
  • Large towel for the ground
  • Water bottle
  • Small towel for drying off


  •  Watch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sun screen
  • Anti-chaffing product/Body Glide


  • Swimsuit or Tri-suit
  • Wetsuit (optional)
  • Swim goggles
  • Velcro/strap chip band and chip attached to ankle


  • Bike (only 1 per athlete allowed in transition area)
  • Bike helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike shorts/jersey (unless wearing tri-suit)
  • Water bottle
  • Bike shoes
  • Socks
  • Spare tire
  • Bike pump
  • Energy bars/gels


  • Race belt with race number
  • Running shoes
  • Socks
  • Hat/sweat band
  • Energy bars/gels
  • Water bottle & carrier (optional)

Good luck!