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Weather Cancellation Policy?
Weather is unpredictable. We will make every effort to start and continue our event on race day at the scheduled time. The decision to delay or cancel an event is made in conjunction with the Race Directors, Sheriff, Medical Staff and local meteorologists.

Typically if rain only is present, we will attempt to start the event on time or possibly delay until visibility is determined at a safe level. Lightning is a potentially dangerous inclement weather condition. In the event of lightning, guidelines by the NCAA and NSSL (National Severe Storms Laboratory) will be followed. The NCAA and NSSL strongly recommend terminating activity when the lightening is visible. If unsafe to begin or continue any event when lightning is present. Thus, if lightning is visible the first step will be to delay the start of the event for 1 hour. If lightening is still present after 1 hour, we will delay for an additional hour and potentially reduce the longer distance events. Depending on the weather forecast, the event will be cancelled as early after the 1 hour delay. If lightning strikes during the event, the event will be immediately cancelled with no delays. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, no refunds or deferrals on entry fees will be given. All prize money and unused food will be donated to charity. Delays and cancellations will be announced over the PA, posted on our Facebook page. All race staff will be notified immediately to communicate with their volunteers. If the event is cancelled mid-day, vehicles will be dispatched to pick up athletes at aid stations and on the course and/or asked to seek nearby shelter.