TriMillennium COVID-19 Protocol

Our hope here at TriMillennium is to provide a premier local race that appeals to beginner and elite athletes alike.  Regardless of a person’s experience or ability, our hope is that TriMillennium will be a fantastic experience for all.

In 2021 we have the additional challenge of executing our events in the midst of a global pandemic.  Our highest priority for this year’s race will be to provide a race environment that has the highest level of safety for athletes and volunteers alike.  Toward that end, we will be working hard to make sure our event adheres to the current COVID-19 Executive Orders, as well as CDC and Kent County safety guidelines.  Athletes participating in 2021 should expect a number of modifications that will help us achieve this, while still providing top-quality local race.  Please come to this year’s race with a good attitude, and an extra measure of patience, and lot’s of grace for other participants and event staff.  Some of the potential modifications may include:

  • Extended, no-contact packet pickup.
  • Pre-race health screening.
  • Event size limited to 100 each under Phase 4 of Michigan’s reopening plan, and hopefully 250 under Phase 5 of the reopening plan.
  • All volunteers will wear masks and/or face shields.  Gloves will be worn by any contacting common surfaces.
  • Ample sanitization stations throughout the transition area.
  • Controlled, staged entrance into the transition area, thus ensuring 6′ social distancing at all times.
  • Athletes required to wear face masks or shields at all times in the transition area.  PPE will be provided.
  • Limited time in the transition area to minimize close contact with other athletes.
  • No body markings.
  • No pre-race meeting.  The meeting will be pre-recorded and sent to all athletes.
  • Small, staged swim start times.
  • 6′ distancing required for all pre and post-race activities.  We will have markings to aid participants.
  • Self-serve, no-contact aid stations.
  • Limited spectators.  Family and friends will be encouraged to cheer from other viewing areas in the park.
  • Limited post-race food offerings.
  • Off-site award ceremony.

West Michigan has the nation’s greatest endurance athlete community, and we are excited to be able to gather together again, and also anticipate that participants will be understanding and accommodating to these modifications that are necessary to protect public health, while still being able to race.

Even with these measures in place, we understand that some will be uncomfortable racing this year.  We respect that and are willing to work with individuals on a case by case basis regarding registration options.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions.